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Thu, Oct 08, 2015

Fleming says Mayor Keating was disappointing

Fleming says Mayor Keating was disappointing

Luddy Fleming
By Luddy Fleming, Pittston City Mayoral Candidate

My campaign for Mayor of the City of Pittston was not a spur of the moment decision.  After supporting Mayor Joe Keating's campaign with my mother working as his campaign manager, we all had high hopes for his first term in office.  We watched in disappointment as Keating spent most of his time at his fishing camp and very little time in City Hall.  Disappointed is the best I can say.
We thought that after eight years of the Lombardo Administration's neglect of roads and parks that finally we would see improvements.  None came!  Roads received some attention but nothing like what we hoped for.  City Parks did not get a moments attention and remain in the same condition as when Keating took office.  Even the Gilmartin Park ice rink that the Walsh Administration built 12 years ago continues to be ignored.  I personally went to council meetings asking for water to be applied to freeze the surface and was told ....... get this ..... "We are afraid that if we put water in the rink, it might flood the mini market on Main Street."  That excuse was laughable but the statement was too sad to laugh at.  Twelve years, eight under Lombardo and four under Keating and no ice for the kids or adults to enjoy.
At another meeting, I asked what the impact of the county's reassessment would have on the City and Mayor Keating said it will have no impact and there will be NO financial windfall to the City.   What home owner did not see an increase of at least $200 to their City taxes?  Apparently Keating taking advantage of the 10% increase in tax revenue is not a tax windfall to the City.  Mayor Keating doesn't realize that Pittston City taxes were ranked #3 of the three taxing bodes (County, School District and City) and now, after Keating's property tax increase, the City is now ranked #2!  Keating doesn't see that as a windfall of tax revenues? 
After attending several Council meetings at which I asked very pertinent questions, Keating put a new three minute rule into effect.  Taxpayers who now want to speak at Council meetings are only allowed 3 minutes to state their problem.  What kind of rule is that?  Keating does not want to hear from taxpayers so he put a 3 minute time limit into effect.
This week I took a look at Keating's retirement from the City.  He actually pumped up his last year's pay so that his pension is 90% of his actual salary.  And now, Keating is looking for a State pension.  He currently receives a city pension of $34,400/year, the mayor's salary of $3,000/year, an Army pension and full Social Security pension.  Oh I forgot to mention that he gets another $35,000 per year working for Senator Musto.  After 18 months on the Senator's payroll, he will qualify for a pension from the State.  When is enough - enough for Keating?
Back to Keating's City Pension.  To qualify for 90% of his salary in pension, he drove up his salary of $38,595 to a staggering $66,428.04 and then qualified for half of that in pension benefits.  That is the highest pension ever given to a City employee and then Keating had the gall to fight several policemen to lower their pensions.  I guess nobody needs money to live on except for Keating.  It took one policeman almost 4 years of fighting to get his pension and another had to settle for a lesser amount because Keating refused to honor his cash benefits.
The most current abuse of power came this past week when City Clerk Ron Mortimor called a meeting of the Fire Inspectors and told them that Mayor Keating did not want any fire inspections done till after the election.  One of the Fire Inspectors got very upset that public safety was being jeopardized over politics and walked out of the meeting.  Later, he was told that he was no longer a fire inspector.  With the history of fire mortalities in the City, it is upsetting that Mayor Keating, being a retired Fire Chief, would play politics with public safety. 
I realize my space is limited so I will close by thanking the person who coined the phrase JMG ..... Joe Must Go and add my own SJF - Send Joe Fishing!

Member Opinions:
By: Justice4all on 5/2/09
Once Again all lip service and no solutions. This guy is nothing more than a bomb thrower. I read his profile and I have never seen so much bloviating and pontificaing in my life. This guys has no platform and is exactly the kind of politician to avoid. A "scorned candidate" is an individual who runs for office in pursuit of a personal vendetta. I love all of the personal jabs againsts Keating. Why don't you talk abaou yourself and what you want for our community.

By: barb on 5/2/09
Luddy, someone has been looking out for the PARKS in PITTSTON city since 2003, my volunteer services are offered at most council meetings. We need to find out what the voters want for their city. Then do it! BARB Zangre
PITTSTON City Council Candidate
PARKS and Recreation

By: Luddy_Fleming on 5/3/09
This is to justice4all, Attend one of my rallys or challenge me to a debate, I can assure you I am much more up on the cities issues than the current administration. No platform, how about ridding the city of the cronies who have gained at taxpayer expense, I have been active in this community for over 20 years which is far nore than all of the candidates We run against and have the experience and proven record to back it up which is more than I can say for your so called incumbents. It is amazing that you cannot even coin your own name in this column which shows me your lack of knowledge in this cities affairs. I challenge you or your candidates to debate on any forum and I will show you my platform I promise you that. I have given solutions to the taxpayers and they are liking what they hear,facts and not lip service from your incumbents, thats the only service going on in this city.

By: Bobboo on 5/3/09
Talk about missing the obvious! Luddy Fleming has made his personal resume available and as I see it, he is the "only" candidate for mayor. Making your education and work experience known to the public is not "bloviation" or "Pontificating", it is campaigning! It is his responsibility to let the voters know who he is and what he has accomplished in life.

As for his not having a platform or ideas, just read what he has said .... roads need fixing and parks need repairs. His other offerings have been his ability to read the city's budgets and see the weaknesses. He has attended council meetings and as he tried to offer constructive criticism, Keating passed a 3 minute rule to shut Luddy down. Give Luddy a break, he has gone to meetings, written letters and he has tried to go to the people to let them know what has not been done during Keating's 4 years and Lombardo's 8 years. Oh, I forgot, Keating and Lombardo did get great jobs out of their mayoral efforts. Klush has offered suggestions that things will be better but has not layed out his plans or pin pointed the problem areas as he sees them. Luddy has!

By: Jay on 5/3/09
Not for or against this Man,but i have lived in Pittston for 58 years,and have no clue as to who Mr. Fleming is,attend a rally,hey come to my neighborhood..why do i have to go to you,you need my vote..

By: Bobboo on 5/3/09
Jay, if you had left your front porch and attended the little league functions during the past number of years, you would have met Luddy in person. There are other city functions you could have attended and met Luddy but it gets comfortable on that front porch. You just hang in there and maybe the mountain will come to Mohamed!

By: Jay on 5/3/09
Mohamed has the vote..as far a the LL goes,My family helped build that LL and the park,and I coached there..BOOBOO .you just cost Luddy about 15 votes..now they go to Butchies kid

By: Politico on 5/3/09
WOW Jay, that didn't take much did it, i would have to say pertaining to your posts that this was the direction you were going anyway but i can see how being called a porch potato could sway a vote. duh!.

To Barb, i know that you and Luddy have spend time trying to talk with the current administration and have equally been shut up with the 3 minute rule, i am just curious why you seem to attack Luddy and are trying to align yourself with Klush, from the looks of it Klush would like to team up with Lombardo and Chernaskus, sorry for hacking your name Joe if i did that is. I guess what i am trying to say is while you were at these meetings with Luddy and i can say this first hand NEVER with Klush you both agree that the city parks need attention among other things, so i say to you that without a balanced budget there are no parks or anything else for that matter so to put it simply you can't have one without the other and i have never heard Luddy neglect either issue, good luck with your campain.

By: Jay on 5/3/09
Politico..wrong my friend..I"m a big Terry Best Fan..I would never label a pesson I don"t know..

By: Justice4all on 5/3/09
Arhhhh! When are good people going to step forward and end guys like these. Wil Toole and Luddy Flemming. That sounds like the meeting of Smith & Wesson. These guys are gluttons. They care more about feeding their egos and personal attacks than running this City. Flemming you say you have a platform yet you use this forum to blast and sling mud. Why? If you have a platform put it on here instead of your disapproval of Keating.

I am no fan of Keating I'll give you that, but I want for something more than what you and Toole will bring. I am voting for Klush and Lombardo and Chernouskas. The youth of the City. Perhaps we can all learn from these young men.I am just so sick of the same ole political hacks. As for your challenge to a debate, maybe in another life. I am not really the guy who would even entertain a debate with you or Wil Toole.

By: diamante on 5/3/09
wow. justice4all, game, set match. pretty much sums up my feelings exactly.

I just don't see how luddy gets off trying to sell himself as this outsider against the machine when he aligns himself with career politicians like best and toole. these guys arent in it out of the goodness of their hearts, you really have to wonder whats in it for them. Im all in for the new guys, chernakouskas, klush and lombardo. we need fresh blood, not more of the same old. sorry, luddy, the old school mud slinging doesnt work anymore. I was rooting for you because I thought you were getting used, but the goings on here today really turned me off. go get 'em klush!!!

By: Politico on 5/4/09
Justice, you pull out the TOOLE card i see, smells of desperation i would say, but hey they said the same thing about Keating putting Wil back in the clerks job but that never happened so i guess you can keep grasping at straws if u like.

Second Luddy has been talking about his platform for quite some time now so i guess you need him to hit you over the head with it and if you ask im sure it can be arranged, also you talk about personal attacks and yet you "gluttons" and "feeding their egos" also "hacks" isn't that the pot callin the kettle? and the way you word your post i have to say im curious did someone ask you to a debate? makes me wonder bout your identity, and i think your choice in not debating either of them would be in your best interest. I am so tired of Tooles name being brought up, the guy has not been involved in the city for over 12 years now you think people would get over it by now! Last, if pointing out that the current mayor is a do nothing is bashing then i know a lot of bashers, and the fact that Klush is dumping truck loads of money into a campain for this job and wont even say what his platform is, is beyond to me so let me say this I personally watched bush get voted in not once but twice so i hsve seen some crazy stuff but if this election goes by who has the most signs or voting for a buddies kid im going to lose all faith once more in the electoral process and then the City will have only itself to blame for the next four years.

People this isn't a popularity contest it is serious buisness and unless you enjoy your taxes being raised and streets going unattended and parks going to heck or you have four years for a young man to cut his teeth then by all means vote for your buddy but if your interested in accountability and open door politics vote responsibly PLEASE!

Good Luck
Luddy, Terry, and Kim

By: Luddy_Fleming on 5/4/09
Justice4all, I have put my platform to the citizens of the city. If the facts of the cities current lack of financial responsibility are mudslinging, then I would like to know what is not mudslinging. Truth of the matter is that this team does not have an political agenda when it comes to relationships. We have clearly stated the facts of the cities standing and I have read the budget more than once, I can assure you of that. This city needs more than 1 police officer a shift, roads paved, garbage fees reduced along with a business revitalization. All of the grants applied for from the information on the cities accomplishments did not produce tax redeuctions for the citizens, increased police protection, more roads paved or fees reduced. Need I go on. Say what you wish, but It is a true fact that 12 years ago there was $100,000 in the bank and zero debt. 12 years later 3 million in debt and not one solid plan to help the taxpayers of the city to give them some relief other than to apply for grants. Grants are a serious need for this community, but to utilize $300,000 for permanent structures that the city cannot currently afford to insure or maintain is a waste. Apply for funds to open the pool, open the skating park that exists. The panther organization couldnt even get new light bulbs and lenses from the city because they cost too much, a safety issue for all the kids who use that field, need I go on. Its not mudslinging sir, It is the facts and if the truth hurts then so be it. The only gain this team has is the city prosering again then I guess you can say we are guilty of our egos in making a solid effort to achieve that goal.

By: milliemom on 5/4/09
For the loudmouths that automatically critize Luddy and his team. You should get to know the canidates before you shoot your mouth off. You may not like Best but, have you taken the time to get to know Luddy. I have, I have known him for 25 years, and let me say, better than anyone out there. I am his ex wife. Yes, I said ex wife. We may not have always agreed on things. But, I can say this... If you want results, believe me Luddy will deliver them.

By: milliemom on 5/4/09
Justice4all, No offense but you should really find out how to spell our last name before you shoot your mouth off.

By: Jay on 5/4/09

By: diamante on 5/4/09
whoa whoa whoa. Luddy you are going to give us "business revitalization," (nice vague, promise by the way) pave roads, hire cops, lower the garbage fee, fix the pool, open a skate park, all the while lowering taxes?!?!?!? what a dreamer. luddy, as far as I can tell, your "platform" consists of telling the people what they want to hear, with no discernable plan to accomplish it. in that sense, I guess you learned the political game pretty quickly.

By: SusieQ on 5/4/09
Milliemom - I'm sure Justice4allcan only aspire to be as articulate as you and your ex husband are. By the way, no offense but its "critcize" not "critize" and "candidates" not "canidates".

By: Enough on 5/4/09
Let me get my facts straight-
1-Wil Toole did help elect Joe Keating four years ago.
2- Joe Keating didn't name Wil Toole City Clerk.
3- Joe Keating wouldn't give Wil Toole Life Time Health Care Benefits.
4-Luddy Fleming believes Wil Toole was the best thing that ever happened to Pittston City.
5-Joe Keating reenacts the 3-minute time limit rule.
6-Wil Toole is helping Luddy Fleming in this election.
Will Luddy give Wil Toole Life Time Health Care? Will Wil Toole be named the next City Clerk? Didn’t Wil Toole invent the 3-minute rule?

By: Luddy_Fleming on 5/4/09
Diamante, All of these are areas are achievable. If the city redirected the cost of the pretty pavers crossing the main street and Kennedy blvd and used blacktop instead of a maintaince nitemare when the plow hits them the cost of that typr of material runs approximately 400 a square foot compared to 60. 1 if not 2 roads could have been paid on top of the liquid fuel money paving the additional streets. Garbage could have been reduced because the city has only paid 136,000 yearly compared to the 192,000 budgeted amount a savings of 56,000 and never applied a $5.00 fuel surcharge. Another savings to the taxpayer. By not overspending a significant amount on the budget, yes additional police could be put in place. Its called fiscal responsibility and we have done our homework. That is not telling the people what they want it's telling the people what we will do and we have the facts to make it a true statement and reality. Thats a real plan and solution.

By: JValenti on 5/4/09
Enough - Mr. Toole did not invent the three minute rule. Under his watch residents who wanted to speak were required to submit their questions in writing prior to the council meeting (I think or something like that).
Joe V

By: 4HonestGov on 5/4/09
Ahhhh....we're playing the Wil Toole card again. Is that like playing the race card?

By: Bobboo on 5/4/09
Justice4all, An interesting pen name for someone who singles out individuals for slamming. I have not seen Toole at any Pittston Proud gatherings so what's with this paranoia? I guess having Toole as an advisor would have been a bad thing for Keating and even worse for Klush or Fleming. You're probably right, who would want to go back to a time when Toole ran the city (as claimed by Lombardo and others) and the city had no debt, half the taxes as now, all roads and parks were in top notch condition and city hall was open 24 - 7 with twice the number of current police staffing. Say what you will but the fact is that the city has gone down hill since Toole left city hall. Talk to any of the employees, that's right, any of them who worked with Toole and they will all tell you how great it would be to have him back. And, here is one you can put in the bank. I personally asked Wil Toole if he would play a role in Fleming's or anyone else's administration and he gave me a very definite NO! He said he has always been available to answer questions but wants no part in the city's operation. The fact is simple, he has been out for all of Lombardo's 8 years and Keating's 4 years .... how long does he have to be out of city government before people like you will get the point? He's gone so stop using him to beat up other candidates. Campenni did the same thing to Keating four years ago and the story has not changed. Toole want's no part in city government. Let's eliminate the smoke and take a clear look at the current candidates.

By the way, the first time I had to fill out one of those cards (information sheet) was actually when McGarry was City Clerk and at that meeting, he said it was so the minutes could properly reflect the question asked and who asked it. They never gave me a time frame and answered every question I asked and they didn't make me wait a week for an answer. I guess that was because they knew their jobs.

I want this to be my last post .... I'm sick of this silliness.

By: JValenti on 5/4/09
Bobboo - Your email address is no longer valid. Please update.
Thank you
Joe V

By: Politico on 5/5/09
Enough: You should try to get your facts straight before you post your nonsense and call them facts! I filled all the blanks correctly for you.
1: Wil Toole did support Keating four years ago, True
2: Toole had zero interest in the Clerks Job and made that pretty clear when Keating ran and even more clear after he won, True
3: When Lombardo took office and the battle between him and Toole came to an end the case was settled in court where the judge found in Tooles favor and ordered the city to pay Tooles insurance for life,Tooles good friend Keating decided to fight this and in the process the judge was asked to remember what he meant 12 years ago and conveniently decided that this isn’t what he meant “check court records I did.” True
4: Luddy believes that 12 years ago before Lombardo and Keating the city was in great shape, and Wil Toole just happened to be the City Clerk at the time. True
5: Joe Keating creates the 3 minute rule to stifle people from asking the difficult questions and also adds a policy that required people to submit their questions in writing and they will be answered in a week or so. True
6: Wil Toole may support and endorse anyone and everyone he wishes, last time I checked this was the USA and it was his right and doesn’t take away from anyone he supports. True
And to answer your questions: Tooles insurance has been decided by a judge not Keating nor in the future Luddy. Toole has said many times that he has no interest in the city clerks position and I think has made it very clear that he is running for county controller in the fall as an independent.
ENOUGH: get a grip and barrow a clue and stop the fear mongering, I think that went out with Bush!

By: barb on 5/5/09
Luddy, a debate,what a great idea, mayorial candidates first and then council! Please let me know the time and place ASAP.
As far as filling the ice rink, when it floods out the Convenient Mart and they sue the City, that could get expensive, or did you not hear the feedback at the City Council meeting when you brought it up. The pool was and still is a very good investment, don't worry I have done the research and the grants and dollars and cents to refurbish it and to keep it opened and maintained are plentiful. There is a grant available to restore it that only needs a 10% match, with the $ the GPPA has in the bank and half my first years salary, which I am pledging should I get elected the match is in place. Also since I am not accepting donations for my campaign, but asking people the donate instead to the GPPA(Greater Pittston POOL Assoc.- Landmark Bank) You see I do not feel people should pay for me to serve them on City Council and hope that my commitment and dedication to service will show our citizens that it is all about what THEY want, not us.
Justice4all and diamante just be sure The the youth of the city don't have puppet strings. All in the family?
Enough, By George I think you've got it!
and finally Bobboo if you want a message taken to the council meeting just go to BARB4PITTSTON.com, or to barb4pittston@yahoo.com. I'll print it up an take it to Council meeting. If it involves Parks and Recreation I'll try to find a solution and run it by you. It is time Pittstonians had a voice, and if you have met me you know that my voice could probably be heard in Manhattan. BARB Zangre
Pittston City Council

By: milliemom on 5/5/09
I appreciate your correcting me. If someone from yourfamily, or the father of your children was being bashed I am sure you would also defend him?

By: diamante on 5/5/09
milliemom, when the father of your children is the one doing the bashing, he should expect it back in kind and fight his own battles.

By: milliemom on 5/5/09
Very good point diamante. He has no idea unless he reads this that I have even posted anything. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, this is America. I just want the people of Pittston to know that when Luddy sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him until he gets the results he wants. I do not even live in Pittston, so as far as a Mayor it doesn't matter to me, it does matter that he will show you results.

By: Justice4all on 5/5/09
I am surprised that none of you have mentioned the condo project the Mayor recently announced. Lets hear it, This is not new and we have been hearing about this project. Let me say this, despite these bleak economic times our City is moving forward. Forward with this Mayor and his administration. Fleming does not have the political clout or the personality to build upon with our local legislators to keep grant money and projects pouring into the City.

By: Robin on 5/5/09
Let's put this Toole bashing to rest. I have a good idea. How about if Joe Valenti takes a little time and interviews the clerks in the Treasurer's office who worked with Wil Toole. Mr. Valenti can also talk with the Street Department guys and the Fire Truck Drivers and what ever Police are still there that worked with him and get an overall opinion of Wil Toole. Those are the people who know the truth. Then, maybe, just maybe Wil Toole's name will stop being bantered around these postings as if he were a real player in all of this.

By: JValenti on 5/6/09
I have spoken to some of the clerks in the office already. Any time his name is brought up they just roll their eyes and say he's a pain in the neck.
Joe V

By: milliemom on 5/6/09
You are so right. This has nothing to do with Wil Toole or who he feels should be Mayor. This is about the candidates running for Mayor, not Wil Toole.

By: Bobboo on 5/6/09
Just as it did 12 years ago in the Lombardo campaign and again 4 years ago in the Keating campaign, it is always abut Toole and 've had enough. This entire "Toole" thing has gotten way out of control and that's why I said I'm done posting.

By: diamante on 5/6/09
of course you've had enough bobboo. you are the man.

By: SusieQ on 5/6/09
Maybe if Wil Toole didn't interject himself in every race for the last 12 years he wouldn't be the issue. Believe me Bobboo the majority of people in Pittston have had enough of Wil Toole. A narcissist is a person who always has to make everything about his or her self, even if he/she knows most of the feedback will be negative. Think about it!

By: barb on 5/6/09
Justice 4 all, now with the condos only the elite few will get a view of the river. Originally, the lowest level was to have places to shop, what happened to something for everyone. I wonder if the Mayor and his developers presented an "green ideas" such as solar panels or window film. The folks in Washington are asking Americans to work together to help save the planet- there was a "go Green" seminar in Wilkes Barre Monday--I guess I am the only candidate that doesn't know absolutely everything and feels she needs more education.
If you want messages sent to City Council about things in the City you can leave them on my website and I will print them and take them along to thew meetings. Please nothing about the accounts and finances: There are four other candidates and three mayorial candidates that are all self proclaimed experts on money. Safety issues I will present to Joe McLean, Streets and Sanitation issues I will present to Danny Argo, and Parks and Recreation issues I will act on, get back to you and present what we agree on.
I goofed again above, the web site is BARB4PITTSTON.net. There is also a nationwide clean up for the USA until May 31. Why didn't we get together and clean up the litter in town? I personally spent a day down on Main street doing just that. And as soon as I get my hands on some sand, I have about 10 of the large coffee containers to put outside some of the buildings for all those cigarette butts. No wonder we have so many sewer problems, those things act like log jams.
BARB Zangre for the Parks, for the families.

By: pittstonsfuture on 5/6/09
I think it's pretty ridiculous how all of you "adults" spend more time bashing Luddy than acutally sitting down and listening to what he has to say. I'm pretty sure the drama should've left your mouths after high school ended, but you all clearly have some growing up to do. I am a young voter who was born and raised in Pittston and I actually took the time to go to Luddy's rally because I actually care about where I live and the future of it for my potential children and the man is a caring, generous soul who has nothing but positive hopes for the city. Unlike Mr. Keating who I refuse to degrade because I have class, Luddy seems to genuinely want the best for the citizens along with his family WHO ALL LIVES IN PITTSTON. For those who don't know him, you mustn't get out much because the man is everywhere. He is actively involved in both of his children's extracurricular activies and various events in relation to the community. Please, I implore you to continue the bashing and allow the city to completely crumble. Apparently being $3.8 million in debt is still not a good enough reason for a change for you ignorant self-centered jerks. I assure you that on May 19th, Luddy will have not only my vote but many of my friends votes. At least at Luddy's rallies there are people from this side of the river who can actually contribute to his election.

Please, feel free to gang up on me because I can already tell it is going to happen.

By the way, my grammar is correct so don't try to adjust it =)

By: SusieQ on 5/7/09
pittstonsfuture - you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You and your 3 friends will be the majority of Luddy's votes because I can assure you that he will be the low vote getter by far. This is a two man race. By the way, Lombardo will be the top council vote getter and Terry Best will come in third. Mrs. Alfano will come in fourth and Barb Zangre will get less then 1%.

By: Hacks-All-of-U on 5/7/09
Some candidates have no business in this race... They are out-classed and bring nothing good to the table for the Citizens of Pittston and it is so clear to see in the statements they make...

By: milliemom on 5/7/09
WOW, SusieQ, You people are vicious on here. The end results will be on May 19th. You will all see who your Mayor will be. It may not be someone you like, Can't please everyone. Bottom line you will have a mayor, new or old..

By: pittstonsfuture on 5/7/09
my three friends and I will be the majority of Luddy's votes. That's amazing, considering the fact that his first rally housed approximately 220 people. Had you been there, maybe you would've seen that. You seem to have some personal issues with Luddy and you're taking it out anonymously through a blog..real mature. I'm glad I made you feel warm and fuzzy because it is probably the first time you've felt that way in a while. I could spend hours arguing my opinions with yours, however we are all entitled to own. I am not telling you to vote for him if you simply do not like him, all I'm saying is maybe you should spend more time campaigning for the person you intend to vote for and less time degrading a candidate.

By: pittstonsfuture on 5/7/09
I have a no brainer question...why is Luddy the only one who is willing to talk on here? Perhaps this shows that he is willing to listen and does not have predetermined answers. You can not honestly say that all 3 candidates don't have ideas in mind. The only difference is that Luddy voiced his ideas. He never once said he was opposed to hearing what his fellow citizens want to see happen, in fact, I believe her name was Mrs. Singer was at his last rally. She is an elderly woman who was upset about the garbage taxes going up and asked Luddy if he was willing to do anything to amend that. Luddy's response was something along the lines of absolutely and I would be more than happy to come to your house and discuss it with you if you would like. He is willing to go to you, you don't have to come to him. He is a great guy.

By: diamante on 5/7/09
thanks for the lecture on how to be an adult, from someone who proceeds to call anyone who has a differing opinion "ignorant self centered jerks." nice supporter mr. flemming has there.

By: pittstonsfuture on 5/7/09
okay, I'm truly sick of people spelling his name incorrectly. I didn't say those people were ignorant self-centered jerks for having a differing opinion from my own. I actually stated that in a more recent post. I believe I said everyone was entitled to their own opinion. However, ignorance is definitely shown here because everyone on here is spending way too much time bashing Luddy. If you don't want to vote for him the answer appears simple to me..DON'T. I must say I am really enjoying this bickering. It brings a smile to my face. Also, just because I make a comment doesn't mean it reflects the candidate I am supporting..he has no control over what I say.

By: barb on 5/8/09
Thanks SusieQ, would you,like to enlighten me as to why I am so unpopular?

By: diamante on 5/8/09
You're a johnny (jane?) Come lately. You're self righteous. You think attendance at council meetings meetings makes you qualified. You don't know how to spell pittston. I could go on forever.

By: SusieQ on 5/9/09
Thanks for taking care of that for me diamante! I'll add that the average person in Pittston wouldn't be able to recognize you from a can of paint.

By: barb on 5/9/09
diamante, you just don't get it, I am here just for the people, I am so,glad you are so perfect. What makes me qualified is my devotion to educate myself continuously on what this city could have and how to obtain it without costing the taxpayers.

By: diamante on 5/9/09
"just here for the people." how many politicians have we heard that from

By: barb on 5/11/09
How many politicians Dads had a personal relationship with the late great President Harry S.Truman. He was also a small city Mayor (after he was on city council for... Parks and Recreation). My Granddad was also a small city Mayor both from the Heart of our great nation.
Also, diamante, the "politics" are only for Pittson city, and that is a lifetime pledge.I Love this city and think people could have a much fuller quality of life here, it is time the city gives some enjoyment back to it's citizens.

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